A Partial Family Tree

Generation 1. Lewis Hicks and Minerva Pettit

Lewis Hicks came to Indian Territory on the Trail of Tears. He was a private in the Civil War, fighting on the Confederate side with the rest of the Cherokee Nation. In 1871, he was a councilor in the Cherokee government from the Illinois District.

Generation 2. Andrew Jackson Hicks (June 7, 1852 to December 26, 1904) and Mary Adeline Franklin (February 16, 1855 to February 11, 1935).
More information about Andrew Jackson Hicks in the narrative.

Their children were:
Serena Hicks (May 30, 1877 to February 9, 1956). She married John Heape.
Edd Hicks (April 17, 1879 to August 10, 1959).
Lonnie Hicks (October 24, 1881 to 1969). More information about Lon in the narrative.
Frank Hicks (January 18, 1884 to July 14, 1956).
Amelia Hicks (June 28, 1886 to December 8, 1903). She married Mr. Smalley and died in childbirth.
Alvia Hicks (October 28, 1888 to August 24, 1896).
Annie Hicks (October 28, 1888 to August 24, 1896).
William Carol Hicks (June, 1890 to September 17, 1917). He died of tuberculosis.

Annie and Alvie were twins, and died at almost the same time of an unidentified disease. After Annie died, Alvie said that he had seen her, and then he died.

After the death of her husband, Mary Franklin Hicks lived with Edd and family until her death in 1935. Her granddaughter Nina recalled that as a child she witnessed an older brother being drafted into the Confederate Army. The officers met him when he was in the field and took him, without allowing him to return home.

Generation 3. Edd Hicks (April 17, 1879 to August 10, 1959) and Estella Leona Huston (September 15, 1890 to March 24, 1979)

Generation 4. Children of Edd and Stella Hicks

Eventually, there will be links to most of this generation.

Clifford Howard Hicks (May 29, 1910 to July 10, 1911).
Herbert Huston Hicks (October 12, 1911 to May 20, 1946).
Roy Hicks (September 24, 1913 to December 31, 1997).
Clara Alice Hicks (April 21, 1915 to February 20, 2002). She married Everrett Huff.
Nina Irene Hicks (March 7, 1918 to November 3, 2008). She married Arthur Rice.
Richard Edward Hicks (March 19, 1921 to July 21, 2000).
Billy Joe Hicks (February 2, 1923 to June 17, 2004).
Jack Wayne Hicks (April 10, 1928 to May 25, 2000).
Floyd A. Hicks (March 20, 1930 to May 19, 1935).

Clifford is believed to have died of a birth defect.

Herb had two children, Herbert Jr. (called "Junior") and Larry Neal Hicks. Larry Neal died in infancy. Only a week or two later, Herb died in a gasfield explosion near Oklahoma City caused by another man's careless lighting of a cigarette. The impact of losing a child and a husband at almost the same time sent Herb's wife, Eleanor (Mary Eleanor Adcock, born June 19, 1920), into depression. When the family came to the funeral, Eleanor could not leave the bedroom, and was screaming "I don't want to live!" She lived until February 13, 1994.

Floyd died of an unidentified infectious disease.

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