Awards & Reviews
Encyclopedia of Evolution:
Society of School Librarians International Honor Book (2007). 


Encyclopedia of Evolution:

From Booklist, May 15, 2007:

“Authored by an evolutionary biologist, this encyclopedia’s tone is set in the beginning, where it is deicated not to Charles Darwin but to his wife, Emma, for ‘without Emma Darwin’s help, Charles Darwin would most certainly have failed to complete his most famous works.’  Written in an engaging style at a level accessible to a nonspecialist audience, the volume provides a bridge between nonscientific and scholarly works...Notable for its accessibility, this volume is recommended for high-school, public, and undergraduate academic libraries.”

From American Reference Books Annual, 2007:

“This is the best encyclopedia on evolution this reviewer has ever seen.  It is up-to-date and has plenty of entries and illustrations, but it has something else none of the others do—a central voice with character, enthusiasm, and courage.  This is because this extensive volume is written by one person.  The author...maintains a common style and standard throughout the text.  This is something we just do not see in the common multi-authored encyclopedias...{The essays] help make this volume one you want to read through rather than just refer to when needed...This encyclopedia is well crafted and comprehensive.  It will be very useful to anyone whose work includes evolution, especially students and teachers in colleges and universities.  It should be a required text on the shelves of science writers.”

From Library Journal, March 1, 2007:

“Bottom line: This is an excellent reference work more appropriate for its target audience than is the Oxford title; it could also profitably be consulted by the general public.  Highly recommended for all types of libraries.”