January-March 2008
  Green Peace
  Listen to the Forest
  As Interesting as Watching Grass Grow
April-June 2008
  South With the Spring
  Somebody Oughta Invent a Machine...
  The Quiet Stand of Alders
  Saving the Environment—For Whom?
July-September 2008
  Welcome to the Republican climate!
  Goodbye, From the World’s Biggest Polluter!
  Yes, Virginia...
  Consider the Lilies
  Small Acts
  America the Glutton
  Looking for a Few Good Conservatives
October-December 2008
  A Good Time to be a Vulture
  A State of Embarrassment
  Just for Money?
  Shoot Something Furry
  Conservatives Are Nature-worshippers
  The Real World
  On the Brink of Collapse
  Winter Sleep
January-March 2009
  The Inspiration of Science
  February 12, 2009: An Important Date
  The Sabbath of the Earth
  Cottonwood Investments
  Witness Trees
  The Fundamental Problem
April-June 2009
  The End of Altruism
  A Lovers’ Embrace?
  We Can Afford Environmental Protection
  Dividing Up the World
  If Humans Vanished...
July-September 2009
  Henry David Thoreau, Prophet and Scientist
  Nature and Language
  The Olive Tree
  An Artificial Future
  Resurgence Of Racism In the South
  Mere Consumers
  You Are an Ecosystem
October-December 2009
  Childhood Experiences With Nature
  Be Conscious of Image
  Not for Profit?
  Absurd Creativity
  Fiscal Responsibility -- In Plants
January-March 2010
  Christians Burning Bibles?
  A Beautiful Mind
  Deep Time and Deep Intestines
  Facing Uncomfortable Truths
  What Will It Take?
  The Evolution of Spite
April-June 2010
  Populations, Evolution, and the Census
  My Neighbors’ Earth
  Spring, a Time of Renewal
  Trying to Interfere with Natural Selection
  Putting Us In Our Place
July-September 2010
  Global Warming—It’s Happening Now
  Green Is the New Green
  Weedy Religions
  Darwin, Science, and Bias
October-December 2010
  The Consecrated
  Optimism and Hope
  The Legacy of Michael Crichton
  No Political Hope
  The Reality of Collapse
  Walking in the Woods with Mahler
  The Illusion of Plenty
  Degrees of Freedom
  Social Darwinist Preachers
  The Fundamental Cause of Global Warming
  I Humbly Suggest that Scientists Should Rule the World
January-March 2011
  Peace Be Unto You
  Do Republican Leaders Hate God's Creation?
  A Christian View of Creation
  Biodiversity, Part One
  Biodiversity, Part Two
  Biodiversity, Part Three
  Biodiversity, Part Four
  The Capacity for Evil
  So Where Is Global Warming Now?
  The Evolved Human Mind
  How Dark Was My Valley
April-July 2011
  Oath Upon the Earth
  The Long Emergency
  The Dangerous Conservative Viewpoint
  Cottonwood Investments, Part 2
  Disruptive Energy
  Biodiversity and Noah's Ark: The Solution You've Been Waiting For
  Built to Last
  How to Reduce Our Impact on the Earth
July-September 2011
  Where Have All the Scarecrows Gone?
  Less Hope Now than Ever?
  You Can’t Do Just One Thing
  Our Great Big Opportunity
  What Rick Perry Thinks About Science
  The Murder of Altruism?
  How I Spent September 11
  A Celebration of Evolutionary Science
October-December 2011
  Republican States: Socialist Beneficiaries of Big Government Altruism?
  Dinosaur Prints
  The Quiet Stand of Alders: Wildfire and Recovery
  So What Has Changed Since 2008?
  A Revolutionary Vision
  Home Sweet Home
  Beauty and Survival
  Laboratory Earth
  Warm Winter Thoughts
January-March 2012
  The Evolution of a New Economy?
  In Memory of Lynn Margulis
  Equilibrium Economy?
  Exuberant Chaos
  Altruism: The Third Alternative for Ecology and Evolution
  Appealing to the Basest Instincts
April-June 2012
  Some Species Will Love Global Warming
  Emergent Properties and Human Creativity: Boy, Do They Emerge!
  Evotour 2012: Part One, Eclipse of the Sun
  Evotour 2012: Part Two, The Transit of Venus
July - September 2012
  What Do You Do When Global Warming Strikes? Kick Someone’s Bee-hind
  The Armageddon Mindset