Encyclopedia of Evolution 

Stan Rice’s Encyclopedia of Evolution was published by Facts on File in New York.  The first printing of the hardcover was released in November 2006; a revised paperback was released in April 2007; a revised hardcover printing is currently planned.  The Encyclopedia of Evolution has 215 alphabetical entries covering all aspects of evolutionary science, the history of the Earth, and the history of evolutionary discoveries.  It also includes five essays:

  "How Much Do Genes Control Human Behavior?"
  "What Are the 'Ghosts of Evolution'?"
  "Can an Evolutionary Scientist be Religious?"
  "Why Do Humans Die?"
  "Are Humans Alone in the Universe?"

and a summary of Darwin’s Origin of Species.  He has written this book to be readable and interesting to high school and college students, as well as to all interested readers.  The Encyclopedia of Evolution has received several glowing reviews.